Mr. Joe Philip is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Bristol Urological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol. His specialist expertise is in the minimally invasive treatment for kidney stones and kidney cancer and has a busy referral practice for patients from the southwest of England and beyond.

He serves as the Stone Unit Lead at Bristol Urological Institute.

Conditions and Procedures

Kidney Stones

Raised PSA

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Ureteroscopy and Uretero-renoscopy

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy

ESWL (Shock wave lithotripsy)


Urology is the surgical speciality that treats disease of the kidney and the urinary tract. This includes the ureter (tube connecting kidney above with the urinary bladder below), urinary bladder, urethra (water pipe), and the genital organs including the prostate in men.

Urologists are specialists in the above human body system (Water works Specialists!) and work closely with radiologists (CT scan and ultrasound specialists) and nephrologists (kidney physicians) in managing diseases of the urinary tract.

The Kidneys are the generators of the urinary system. They are responsible for the filtration of the body waste products, balance of mineral levels and production of important hormones. They balance various body functions such as optimising blood pressure, regulating blood flow, managing the mineral through-flow between the intestines and the urinary system.








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